Music Institute of Chicago

St. James Cathedral is one of eight locations for the Music Institute of Chicago (MIC), which serves more than 2,000 students of all ages and ability levels. MIC offers lessons from distinguished faculty in piano, strings, voice, woodwinds, brass, and harp.

Founded in 1931, the Music Institute of Chicago leads people toward a lifelong engagement with music by providing widely accessible resources for high quality music teaching, performing, and service activities — and harnessing the power of music to educate, inspire, and bring comfort to the communities we serve. We believe that music is an essential element of a strong, well-educated, and  compassionate community; that music bolsters the brain, strengthens community bonds, and nourishes the human spirit; and that live music and quality music education should be accessible to everyone.

The Music Institute of Chicago (MIC) is open for business online. MIC’s stellar faculty is delivering hundreds of music lessons each week on the Zoom interactive videoconference platform and we are happy to offer online music instruction to people across the country and around the world. Our academic staff is ready to answer any questions you might have about beginning virtual lessons or classes in the safety of your own home.