Social Justice

Whether social advocacy inspires your faith or your worship motivates you to help others, you can get involved by emailing Anna Broadbent.

  • Bishops Against Gun Violence: St. James joins 80 Episcopal bishops in urging our governments to adopt policies that will reduce the number of Americans killed and wounded by gunfire. With Bishop Lee, St. James hosts city-wide services of lament for those killed in Chicago and the nation.
  • Refugee Resettlement: Members of St. James joined RefugeeOne to co-sponsor a family from Syria in need of practical help and friendship as they adjust to their new setting here in our city. 
  • Interfaith Coalition Against Racism (ICAR): is a partnership with other faith communities in Chicago organizing training, forums, and conversations around systemic racism.    
  • Chicago Pride Parade: Members of St. James march in the Pride Parade to celebrate the freedom of all people to meaningfully and proudly express themselves, and the commitment of LGBT people to combat oppression. 
  • CrossWalk to Work: St. James supports the Diocese of Chicago's initiative providing Summer employment for at-risk youth, engaging people of faith and community organizations in addressing the escalating violence against youth in Chicago.