Faith Formation

Episcopalians nurture their faith through worship and Christian education. At St. James, preparation for baptism, confirmation, and marriage are opportunities to deepen one's faith. We also offer Sunday School for newborns and their parents through middle schoolers, fully-staffed childcare, and adult education opportunities. These activities are open to you no matter where you are on your faith journey.


Deepening one's faith is the work of a lifetime. St. James offers lively forums and conversations on topics related to faith and community that are open to all.


Sunday School offers young people the opportunity to ask questions and develop their relationship with God and each other through storytelling, art, and hands-on projects.


The library has over 600 titles on art, philosophy, meditation, scripture, prayer, and social justice.


People of all faiths have found that meditation is a great way to improve health, open the heart, and deepen spirituality.

Lenten Retreat

From Friday, Mar. 20 through Sunday, Mar. 22, the Very Rev. John Pritchard, Former Bishop of Oxford, will lead St. James members on a journey through Lent in preparation for Easter in our 2020 Lenten Retreat, "‘Let him Easter in us’: exploring Easter as a verb." The cost is $250.00 for the weekend and scholarships are available.