Summer in the City

For over 15 years, St. James Cathedral has dedicated itself to helping young people discover treasure in Chicago, themselves, and others with its two-week nonresidential day camp, Summer in the City.

What is Summer in the City?

  • Summer in the City (or SITC for short) is a two-week day-camp hosted by St. James bringing youth, staff, volunteers together throughout the year for art, kayaking, rock wall climbing, pottery, visiting farmer's markets, playing music, dancing, photography, painting, and food. 

When is Summer in the City 2020?

  • Summer in the City is from Jul. 20 though Aug. 2, 2020 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday with the final day of camp on Sunday, Aug. 2.

For Parents

Can I register my camper(s) for Summer in the City?

  • Registration opens Saturday, Feb. 8 at St. James Cathedral during the Winter in the City event.
  • Online registration opens on Monday, Feb. 10.

What is Winter in the City?

  • Winter in the City is an opportunity for campers to reunite with one another and meet new young ones interested in attending Summer in the City in July. Learn more below and register online.
  • Saturday, Feb. 8 at 11 a.m. at St. James Cathedral (65 E. Huron, Chicago, IL 60611) campers reunite for arts and crafts and pizza making. 

How much does Summer in the City cost?

  • SITC is free thanks to the generosity of the St. James community. We do hold a $50 registration deposit for each SITC camper.

Wait, I thought SITC was free... why is there a registration deposit?

  • A registration deposit gives the camp leaders an accurate count of families and campers committed and excited for SITC 2020. If your camper(s) attends camp, doesn’t miss more than two days, and attends the final day of camp, you will have the registration deposit refunded.

Who can be a camper at Summer in the City?

  • Anyone who lives in the greater Chicago area and is between the ages of 8 to 13 by or on Jun. 1, 2020.

How many campers go to Summer in the City?

  • As many campers that fit on a school bus, typically around 35 campers. 

How do I get to Summer in the City 2020?

  • Campers can be dropped off by a parent or guardian. They can also take a bus with staff and campers from the South Side. Parents or guardians can also give you permission to take the CTA or walk to camp.

Who makes Summer in the City possible?

  • SITC is hosted by St. James Cathedral and is organized and run by Summer in the City staff and volunteers from St. James. 


Tony Santiago, Director is a Chicago based artist who connects communities to the arts. Tony Santiago currently works with Arts Alliance Illinois fighting for funding and policy for arts and culture in Illinois. In Chicago, Tony has collaborated with numerous institutions in Chicago including Lyric Opera, Chicago Parks District, and Goodman Theatre. Tony founded Chicago Arts Access, a nonprofit that bridges arts organizations, art lovers, and community with tickets to live performances across Chicago at

Anna Broadbent, Curate leads the Cathedral's outreach ministries and young adults group. She recently graduated from Virginia Theological Seminary and was ordained a priest at St. James. During seminary, Anna completed a certification in Criminal Justice and Reconciliation, which sparked her passion for working with individuals who are presently or formerly incarcerated.

Nicole A. B. Spencer, SITC Committee Member & Volunteer has been a member of the St. James Cathedral community since Autumn 2015. Summer in the City is the ministry that inspired her to become a member of St. James. As a member of the committee and an enthusiastic volunteer during camp and SITC seasonal events, she focuses on strategies and processes that support the vibrancy and longevity of the ministry.

Allison Weber, SITC Committee Member & Volunteer joined St. James Cathedral in 2017. She has grown to appreciate and admire the diverse, open, and loving community and its commitment to creating programs like Summer in the City. After joining SITC as a volunteer two years ago, she wanted to continue to build upon the experience for the young campers, connecting them to local arts, culture, and food. When not at St. James, she works as an Interior Designer at Gensler, actively involved with I-NOMA Design Build projects and Rebuilding Together. She also enjoys engaging with the arts, food, culture, and all things fitness & sports!


Email Tony Santiago.