Summer in the City

Summer in the City is a non-residential arts and adventure camp held in the heart of downtown Chicago, dedicated to helping young people discover treasure in Chicago, themselves, and others.

Campers enjoy daily program of activities including kayaking, rock wall climbing, visiting downtown Chicago icons, exploring and playing musical instruments, experimenting with theater, modern dance, painting, and helping prepare and enjoying food from around the world.

The camp is three weeks long with staffed, round-trip transportation to camp provided each day from a South Side pick up point. Families are invited to a live performance by the campers and an outdoor picnic on the Sunday morning following camp.

Summer in the City is Chicago’s most affordable summer program for youth because over three-quarters of the cost is underwritten by the generosity of the St. James community, allowing families that cannot pay the subsidized cost to request scholarships.

Director Tony Santiago is a Chicago based artist who connects communities to the arts. He was appointed as Director of Summer in the City in 2017. He is the Program Manager at Arts Alliance Illinois, the director of the Lyric Opera's Empower Youth, and serves as co-curator of Chicago Parks District's Theatre on the Lake Festival. Tony founded Chicago Arts Access, a nonprofit that bridges arts organizations, art lovers, and community with tickets to live performances across Chicago at