Cathedral Prayer List for the Week of May 2

April 28, 2021

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Please keep the following people in your prayers:

FOR THOSE COMMENDED TO THE PRAYERS OF THE CATHEDRAL COMMUNITY: Ann, Carol, Ingolf, Susie, Betty, Sara, Carolyn, Perry, Brian, Donna, Bert, Graham, Lynda, Gloria, Philip, Erin, Aaliyah, Jesus, Willie, Paula, Carroll, and Lois
FOR THE 10 PEOPLE WHO DIED BY GUN VIOLENCE IN CHICAGO IN THE PAST WEEK, INCLUDING: Carl, Paul, Jaslyn, Tiara, Darius, Mario, Ramiro, Bryone, Marcus, and Benjamin.
DIOCESAN PRAYER CYCLE: Intercessions are offered for the DIOCESE OF CHICAGO and for our Bishop-Elect, The Rev. Paula Clark and for Bishop Julio Martin of the Diocese of SE Mexico and Bishop Joseph Atem of the Diocese of Renk.