Christmas Baskets

The St. James Cathedral community made a difference in the lives of 159 Chicagoans. Wednesday morning, we delivered 101 boxes of Christmas gifts and Jewel Osco gift cards provided by 144 parishioners for 43 families. The numbers are great but what is even greater are the caring hearts that went into filling this ministry with love and compassion! 

In Spring 2018, there will be an opportunity to speak with those ReVive invites to share their wish lists. Consider being a part of the St. James team to meet some of the recipients of the ReVive Christmas Basket ministry. More information will be made available after Easter.

If you missed the opportunity to sponsor a family this year, rest assured that we will have more families next November when you, your family, ministry, or small group can make a difference in the lives of others and strengthen God’s vision of divine reality in the way we live our lives.

Thank You!

Individuals and Families 

  • Miguel Yanez
  • Anne Cothran
  • Julie Armstrong
  • Claudia, Bryan, and Elliot Martin
  • Shawn and Aga Loncar
  • Lesley Delany and John Yoeman
  • Graham, Catherine, and Sarah Bell
  • Karen and T.J. Ferrantella
  • Anya Kleymenova
  • Stan and Kristin Stevens
  • Tanya Patton
  • Jillian and Sean Smith
  • Bev, Lawrence, and Diamond Cox
  • Conor McFerran and Alison Alexander
  • Bing Chang
  • Mike Hess and Hak Wong
  • Ian and Csilla Fisher
  • Liz and Tim Dorgan
  • Judith Tribbett
  • Leah Gordon
  • Jann and Bob Lorch
  • Bob and Susan Barsy
  • Leslie Fenton and Mark Pera
  • Lyle and Marianne Hyde
  • Caroline Ward
  • Laura Jenkins
  • Kathryn Farrow and Rachel Hegarty
  • Catherine Thomson, Sean Knudson, and Lisa Lee
  • Chris, Peter, and Parker Morin-Ponniah
  • Barbara Lammiman
  • Susan and Jim Lenz
  • Kimberly Hill
  • Mary Jo Barton
  • Lexie and Greg Feltman
  • Fran Horn
  • Pamela Johnson 

 St. James Ministries and Programs

  • Choristers
  • Vergers, Acolytes, and Altar Guild
  • Cathedral Choir
  • "Faith, Fun, and FIreworks" Small Group

ReVive Center for Housing and Healing

Founded as the Cathedral Shelter by the first Episcopal cathedral in Chicago, the Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul, ReVive Center for Housing and Healing is committed to ending and preventing homelessness in Chicago. For over 100 years, thousands of homeless individuals and their children have turned to ReVive Center for Housing and Healing for expert resources, award-winning programs, and a compassionate place to heal and call home.

95 Years of Christmas Generosity 

For the past 95 years, ReVive Center’s community outreach includes the Christmas Basket Program, which provides Christmas gifts to families and senior citizens who cannot afford to buy presents.