The 9 a.m. Service

Holy Eucharist at 9 a.m. is a service suitable for all ages but tailored to young families. Children actively engage in the readings, sermon, and Communion and the choristers lead music. If you have young children or are young at heart, this service is particularly inviting. Bible readings are from translations that children can understand and the music specifically instills valuable lessons.

What people are saying about the 9 a.m. service! 

  • Comfortable, easygoing, and intimate… Instead of just being an observer, you are a part of this service. —Father of a first-grader
  •  The family service at St. James has strengthened my daughter’s connection to the liturgy. —Mother of a seventh-grader
  • I never have to worry that my kids are making a noise or moving around the cathedral. In fact, they’re encouraged to take a full part in the service… I’ve met some great families. It’s a very affirming and supportive place to be. —Mother of third- and fifth-graders
  • I made a friend. The music’s fun! —A kindergartner
  • I love it when we go up to the altar and get to help out. —A third-grader
  • Our son feels so comfortable in a community that accepts us for who we are—nothing more, nothing less. Now I feel part of a community that is there for us. For someone who decided that Christianity did not fit in our world, it surprises me that we have come full circle. —Father or a toddler