Cathedral Prayer List

November 05, 2020

Use this link to submit prayer requests.

Please keep the following people in your prayers:

FOR THOSE COMMENDED TO THE PRAYERS OF THE CATHEDRAL COMMUNITY: Annie, Kay, D. Maria, Jane, Don, Nicole, James, Mary, Chris, Ingolf, Bob, Susie, Betty, Sadie, Sherry, Maureen, Sandra, Ken, Nancy, Patricia, Emily, Helen, Steve, Frances, Jerry, Rosemary, Errol, Patty, Sue, and Pamela.
FOR THE 14 PEOPLE WHO HAVE DIED BY GUN VIOLENCE IN CHICAGO IN THE PAST WEEK including: Justin Joseph, Neal, Keith, Ryan, Hoston, Richard, Jim, Tristan, Ricardo, Daniel, Timothy, Fausto, Victor, and February.
CANDIDATES FOR XIII BISHOP OF CHICAGO: Paula, Edwin, Fulton, and Winnie.

Let Us Pray by the Rev. Canon Lisa Hackney-James

Frequently in the Gospels, we read of Jesus retiring to a solitary place in order to pray. Especially in times of trouble, Jesus often retreats into the wilderness, or up a mountain, to be alone in order to open himself to God, to be nourished in prayer: to engage the presence of the one who sent him, his heavenly father. As followers of Christ, we, too, are meant to draw near to God in prayer, seeking connection with the one who has made us and sustains us. Along with the challenges that we currently face, social distancing may actually encourage us in our imitation of Christ in this way: it requires many of us to retire to quiet places, driving us into a social wilderness of sorts. Yet in that isolation we may find the deep silence we need to become more fully aware and welcoming of God’s presence in our lives. Whether our current environs are ones of solitude, or domestic chaos (thinking of those working from home while providing childcare), we find ourselves in times where we have plenty of people for whom we wish to pray: for our families friends and neighbors, and for ourselves.

At St. James Cathedral, we will be collecting the individual prayers of our parishioners and publishing them on the cathedral website so that our whole cathedral community can join together in lifting up the concerns of our cathedral community. Please join your fellow cathedral members in offering the names of those for whom you wish to pray, and then use the list published on our website to guide the prayers that you offer in your own time of daily prayer. Even if you have not been in the habit of solitary prayer, you can begin with the simplest form: setting your mind and heart towards God, and simply speaking the names of those on our prayer list. God will know what to do with your intentions. We may be physically set apart from one another for a time, but together we can act in solidarity with one another and pray with one resounding voice.

If you wish to add another person to the published prayer list, please obtain their permission to do so. On the first of the month we will turn a fresh page and begin collecting names again. You are welcome to add the same individuals for as many months as is helpful.