Cathedral Prayer List for the Week of November 21

November 17, 2021

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Please keep the following people in your prayers:

FOR THOSE COMMENDED TO THE PRAYERS OF THE CATHEDRAL COMMUNITY: Lynda, Gloria, Jessica, Brian & Lauren, Alison, Judith, Michael, Mike, Mac, Rob, Andrew, Nicole, Jeremie, Josh, Russell, Sheila, Denise, Cynthia, Justin, Jennie, Erica,Nora, Linda, Rita, Erica, Cathy, Ellen, Kristin, Jim, Peggy, Bob, David, Debbie, Pam, Charlotte, Darrell

FOR ALL THOSE WHO DIED BY GUN VIOLENCE IN CHICAGO IN THE PAST WEEK: Nicholas, Jordan, James, Andre, Johnie, Darnell, Shaoxiong, Vincent, Darion, William, Desiree, and Darrell

DIOCESAN PRAYER CYCLE: Intercessions and thanksgivings are offered today for the lay members and leaders of our Diocese: governing bodies and committees of our congregations. And for leaders in our Companion Dioceses of SE Mexico and Renk