An Announcement from the Dean

March 17, 2022

In a few weeks time, I will be embarking on a period of sabbatical leave agreed some months ago with the wardens, Bishop Chilton and my colleagues. Having served six and a half years as your Dean, it feels time to take a break from my duties to recharge my batteries, and prepare for the next phase of our common life together.
My last Sunday at the cathedral will be April 3, and I will be combining my sabbatical entitlement with my annual vacation, and returning to my duties in the second half of August. During this time Lisa will be acting as Dean (which is why she has the role of Sub-Dean), supported by the rest of our outstanding staff, wardens and chapter members. Alison, of course, will continue in her work as Director of Children’s Ministry during this time, joining me for the vacation part of my break from ministry.
Some of you may be surprised that I plan to be absent for Holy Week and Easter, and you would be correct in guessing that missing the most important days of the Christian year went against my instincts! However, I was given strong advice from those more senior and experienced than me that a clergy sabbatical should include either Christmas or Easter, being the two most stressful times of a priest’s working year, and, recognizing the wisdom of this viewpoint, I have planned accordingly.
St. James is a wonderful community of committed Christians – clergy, staff, elected lay leaders, volunteers, and every one of you living out your own vocations. I am deeply confident that the mission and ministry God has entrusted to us all will continue to flourish during my brief time away from you all. I am grateful to those with whom I work with day by day for helping make this possible for me – and I am grateful to you all for your kindness and support during the time I have served at St. James.