Cathedral Prayer List for the Week of July 10

July 07, 2022

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Please keep the following people in your prayers:

FOR THOSE COMMENDED TO THE PRAYER OF THE CATHEDRAL COMMUNITY: Lynda, Cathy, Lois, Ruth, Rosie, Ellen, Alice, Gloria, Ivy, Emily, Dayna, Kevin, Betty Jean, Jake, Rich, Christy, Richard, Jodi, Janet, Derek, Shirley

FOR ALL THOSE WHO DIED BY GUN VIOLENCE IN CHICAGO IN THE PAST WEEK INCLUDING: Jeremiah, Patrick, Norvell, Mario, Shawn, Keishone, Tierra, Duan, Dwayne, Demarckus, and Juan

DIOCESAN CYCLE OF PRAYER: Congregations in the Rockford Deanery; Grace in Sterling; Christ Church in Streator; St. Peter in Sycamore; Companion Dioceses of SE Mexico and Renk: La Ascención in Veracruz; St. John in Melut